Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Raya Everybody!!!!


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Friday, September 18, 2009

Prep For Raya

Hello everybody,

God I miss blogging so much but however, due to the hectic schedule that's been going on in mylife lately, I can't help but to stop blogging for a while. Sorry.... But hey, I'm back now, better than ever guys. I hope you guys (readers) could bare with me.

Anyway, as many of you know that Raya is right around the corner and everybody is busy preparing for the day. My family is not an exception, we also have been busy preparing our house for the celebration. But before we celebrate, let's just finish this holy month of ramadhan okey? Question for you, "Full puasa you guys sudah?" I hope kan full. :) Anyway, I don't really have anything interesting to share with you guys "YET" but hopefully something interesting will happen during this coming raya season; so that I can share it with you people over here. *cheers*

Alright, that would be all guys. Thanks. Oh yeah, one last thing, I finally got my raya allowance from my mom, so thanks mom. I love you to death. *peace*

Raya Allowance
Shopping?? Anybody?

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brunei Public Transport

Masterplan Aims To Lure Bruneians Out Of Private Cars Into Public Vehicles

Bandar Seri Begawan - An Attractive public transport system will be developed under the Bandar Seri Begawan Development Masterplan to encourage people to voluntarily get out of their cars and use public transport, according to the masterplan project director.

Regional Director of HOK Planning Group Steven Townsend said such a move will help overcome the Bruneian dependency of cars as a means of commuting and getting around the country and help relieve traffic congestion caused by too many private vehicles on the road.

Based on past experience with cities such as Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California, Townsend said that previously, the general populations in these places did not opt for public transport.

"Initially, it was impossible to get people out of their cars and onto public transport," he told The Brunei Times recently.

He had observed that, similarly, Bruneians would not readily choose public transport as they preferred their own cars to travel almost anywhere in the Sultanate.

However, he added, the communities there managed to develop public transport systems which were more attractive than using personal vehicles, and as a result, the people steadily started using public transport voluntarily.

"You can do so much more on your ride to work such as reading the newspaper on a train or a bus, than you would driving a car," Townsend pointed out. "So the people chose to commute using public transport".

He said that people could not be forced to use public transport as there was a likely chance that they would abandon it after some time and revert to using their personal vehicles. With a more attractive public transport system, he explained, the initiative would be more sustainable and successful.

He said the same type of mentality could be administered in Brunei, while noting that the Sultanate had among the highest number of cars per capita in the region.

According to a study conducted by Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), there were 680 vehicles per 1,000 persons in 2004, which is equivalent to more than one vehicle for every adult over the age of 19 in the country.

Transport is a major issue which will need to be addressed in the formulation of the BSB Masterplan, which is expected to be completed within nine months' time by June 2010, said Townsend.

From a past report, Professor of Design, Technology and Management at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design Spiro Pollalis said that public transport and walk-able destinations will play a major role in maintaining a city that is both efficient and sustainable. He added that a lack of a comprehensive public transport could hinder Brunei's dream of becoming "city in a garden" by 2015, which is another objective under the BSB Development Masterplan.

The national director of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), another consultant involved in the project, said that the team of consultants had to factor in that Brunei did not have the critical mass to support public transportation systems which have been implemented elsewhere. Marc Emile Shamma'a, said that due to the Sultanate's small population, the consultants would have to focus on customising public transport to make it suitable for Brunei.

We are not creating a metropolis. We are trying to see how Bandar integrates with the rest of Brunei and how it integrates into Borneo since it is the only capital city on the island," he said.

Shamma'a explained that the existence of an efficient public transport system would link Bandar not only to the satellite towns in Brunei, but also to other locations on Borneo, which in itself, would be advantageous to Brunei.

He acknowledged that in increasing attractiveness of public transport, the consultants could look at the systems of other countries. He said that Venice, which the BSB's Kg Ayer is often related to, had "water buses", which transport large groups of people across the winding water channels of the city.

Apart from its primary benefit to the masses, such unique aspects could be incorporated to make it an attraction for tourists as well as locals, he highlighted.-- Courtesy of The Brunei Times

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Friday, September 11, 2009

UBD Have Its Own Radio Station

Good news guys!

Though it’s still at a trial stage, you can now listen to UBD FM/ETC’s Radio Online (UVibe FM) (name to be changed- WE NEED MORE SUGGESTIONS FOR THE NAME!) from this website. Only possible if you’re using UBD’s cable internet though. If you’re lucky you will get to listen to our student dee jays LIVE as they test out the station. If not, you will still be entertained with music throughout. IT’S LIVE NOW. :D You can also listen to the station from your radio in some parts in UBD (ETC, Library, SAS, FOS, IM and part of SHBIE); just tune that dial to 107.9 FM. As mentioned earlier, it’s still at a trial stage so you’ll be hearing some background noise.

Another good news for the hostelites, starting today there will be free wireless connection at the residential colleges. Right now it’s only available for communal use at the respective cafeterias of each residential college. Don’t fret though, the project is still running and the internet connection will be extended to residential blocks as well. But for now, enjoy surfing from the comfort of the cafeteria for free!

We’ll post up an advert soon to recruit volunteers for Convocation Ceremony and Festival!

Keep checking in to this website for more updates!



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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What UBD Is Made Up of? (Inside Story)

Hello everybody,

Just now I was surfing through Brudirect, I came across this article written by some user on Brudirect HYS. I was kinda shocked when I read it but I couldn't really give out my opinion in this matter since I am part of UBD itself. Therefore, I'm gonna let you guys (readers) to think about it and what do you really think of it.

The UBD campus entrance has a sign that includes the word "university" (or at least universiti). Unfortunately, what goes on behind that sign does not conform to expectations, and that is why people get frustrated with UBD.

UBD offers a certificate of dubious repute that is, however, recognised by Brunei Civil Service for employment in public sector jobs. That is why students enroll in UBD. Those who thirst for knowledge or skill go elsewhere.

Thus, to understand UBD, you really have to get that big sign out of your mind, and replace it with something closer to reality.

Unlike other universities, UBD does not recruit its lecturers. This is the responsibility of MOE and PSD (for foreign lecturers), although UBD departments usually make up the short list.
Both local and foreign lecturers have to provide the names of referees, who are always contacted as part of the hiring process.

Local lecturers usually do not have university teaching experience at the time of hiring. In fact, they are hired before they have taken their masters and PhD degrees. If they turn out to be no good at teaching or research it's too bad - UBD is stuck with them.

Foreign lecturers tend to have one foot in the grave and be in need of retirement funds. For example, old Sri Lankans in recent years have been hired in droves. It is difficult, at the end of their careers, to adapt Sri Lankan teaching styles to UBD students, so they are perceived to be bad lecturers (actually, they are workman-like).

Any thoughts?

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Nuzul Al-Quran

Bandar Seri Begawan - "The Holy Quran is our friend and companion as well as teacher, in fact the Quran is our daily need, clothing and furnishing.

"In short, the Holy Quran is everything for us," said His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam in his titah during the Nuzul A1-Quran Celebration National Level, last night at the ICC.

The Sultanate celebrates Nuzul annually. It is a significant day as it commemorates the revelation of the Holy Quran, and is one of the highlights during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Deviating away from the teaching of al-Quran means staying away from Allah the Almighty and is the same as running away from the guidance of Allah SAW.

History has recorded evidence that it is a bad omen to go against the guidance (Hukum Hakam) of Allah. This can be seen from the fate that had befallen on people before us in ancient times mentioned in the Holy Quran, said His Majesty.

"All of those are `Iktibar' (lessons) have in fact become a warning to those in the later times, including us people in the end of time," the monarch stated.

"We are thankful for we belong to people who follow the Holy Quran. We believe in it, and we believe in all that is said and all its teachings," His Majesty said.

His Majesty said that it is not that humans do not want to learn from the Quran, it is because they are more inclined towards temptations, which make them forget the important "Iktibar" (lessons).

Thus, subsequently people don't follow the teachings and undermine Allah's guidance by continuously going against His decree in what is Haram in food, socialisation etc. It has angered Allah, and with His wrath, Allah delivers upon them His punishment in various forms, such as natural disasters, commotions, food shortages, diseases and others.

"That is why, we in this country will always be consistent with our principles. We work and develop with the guidance of Allah and his prophets.

"There is no a better development other than that based on principles and guidance of Allah SAW. Such developments without doubt have their virtues and advantages," the monarch said.

"That is why towards this aim, religious education must be solid in our life," His Majesty urged.

"In actual fact, it is not a choice, but a must," His Majesty added.

"When this becomes a reality, then it can be said that we are truly eligible and able to become a nation of Quran literates". -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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Friday, September 4, 2009


Today I would like to make a special post for a dear friend of mine - Seit Mei Chien - who is leaving to UK tonight to continue her study in Medicine. Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the air port to send her off but I did called her to wish her a safe trip to UK and told her that she'll be miss by us.

Seit Mei Chien
Bachelor in Health & Science/Medicine Scholar
Former Institute of Medicine Student
University Brunei Darussalam

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


Happy Birthday To

Kak Ameng

Sir Hj Julaini Latip

May God Bless You Guys
May This Year Bring You Such Greatness

Sincerely From: 2nd CIN Scholars
Institute of Medicine
University Brunei Darussalam

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